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Our Motivation

Like many of us, we have had to watch over the last 20 years that the mountains of garbage are getting bigger and the rivers, coasts and seas are getting more and more polluted. After the virtual failure of the last climate conferences, we do not want to stand idly by and do our part.

Our Vision is ...

  1. Finding new, degradable materials – and – requiring manufacturers to take back their future products for recycling

  2. Prevent the plastic waste that already exists from getting into the sea.

  3. To collect the plastic waste on the beaches, on inaccessible coastlines, in the rivers and in the depths of the sea

  • to use, enhance and to develop underwater robots, drones or gliders and equip them with AI-driven control software to remove any kind of garbage - especially plastic - from the oceans on the coastlines and in the depths.

  • In the coastal area and on river banks and estuaries, we support the poorer population in particular, in order to enable them to earn their own basic income by giving plastic a value, by collecting plastic waste wherever they can - and before it goes into the sea reached.

Our Mission is ...

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