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Swiss Drones

Enhanced Flight Drones

Enhanced ROV's and AUV's

Hybrid Drones

Ship-Model Drones

Wing Glider Drones

Please note: Our new Quarterly from Ocean Quest is on Friday, June 28, 3 p.m. in Vaduz, Technopark Liechtenstein

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Intelligent & Self-Learning Underwater drones & submarines

The use of AI enables us to develop new underwater drones  and wing gliders with programming languages like Phyton. 


Tools for Yachts and fishing boats + our New XXL Beach Robot

Augmented Reality

VR glasses for all kind of flight drones and underwater ROVs (today 2D – tomorrow 3D)


Our New hybrid drone, which can fly to a GPS point, land on the water surface, dive, ascent, and fly back to the coast

<Wing Glider

Our ultimate flagship, the wing glider as a drone or in a cockpit version

Unprecedented Technology.
Impeccable Reliability.

Support of our NGO with state-of-the-art robots, AI and submarines

Very soon, we realized, that for our field projects, we need more specialized ROV’s, drones and submarines, which are not available on the market or way too expensive. So, we founded a robotics company with a lot of volunteers around the world. In the meanwhile, we count more than 135 people, experts in all areas like submarines, ocean geographics, AI, Robotics etc.

Once we have all necessary robots in place, we will see a jump in effectiveness and a radical new approach by using AI and hydrogen engines for our large wing gliders and drones. The volume of our projects and the investments into our Robotics company are highly scalable. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Product Lines


Products already in  use


active Countries


NGO + Robotics

Our Partners

Are You Ready for a deep dive into our Ocean Quest?

The mix of virtual reality and ROVs, AUVs or drones was never easier than nowadays. We develop smart, high scalable solutions for the sake of our Oceans. Come on board, join either our NGO projects from "The Ocean Robotics Projects" or become a pioneer in  the wing glider era .....

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